The Learning Center

Located in the Temple Hill area of Castlewood, VA.


TLC Talent Show

The Learning Center will be hosting its annual Talent Show fundraiser on Friday, February 23rd at 6:30 p.m.  Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children.  TLC students do not have to pay admission.  Please plan to join us  for this fun event as students share their God given talents!


  • Any music or other sound booth items are due on Monday, 2/19

  • Make sure to keep practicing!

  • In-school rehearsals will be scheduled on Monday, 2/19

  • Students must arrive at 6 p.m. on Friday night

Celebrating 100 Days of School

In celebration of the 100th day of school, TLC students participated in a canned food drive collecting 165 cans of food to be donated to the Roger E Jessee Food Bank.  Way to go guys!

The Kindergarten class sharpened their math skills by assisting with counting the cans and then relaxing in their cool 100th day shades.

Also in honor of 100 days of school, we have our own 100 year old man, Isaiah Gardner.  You’re looking good for 100 Isaiah!

Honor Roll – 2nd Nine Weeks

Superintendent’s Honor Roll (all A’s)

2nd Grade: Jake Compton and Ellie Ray

3rd Grade: Caylee Jessee, Grayson Monk, and Madelyn Musick

4th Grade: Sabrina Compton

5th Grade: Krista Nunley and Lydia Owens

9th Grade: Melanie Holbrook

11th Grade: Tommy Holbrook

A’s & B’s

1st Grade: Annaston Bush, Isaiah Gardner, and Alexis Musick

2nd Grade: Amanda Jessee

4th Grade: Burton Casey, Turner Gilmer, Brionna Mullins, and Cameron Nunley

5th Grade: Averie Bush, Gracie Crabtree, and Micah Gardner

6th Grade: Kolby Ray, Autumn Killen, Rylan Smith, and Bryce Stinson

7th Grade: Jacob Crabtree, Christian Nunley, Kady Nunley, Ethan Owens, and Trinity Puckett

8th Grade: Abigail Carter

9th Grade: Alexandra Jessee

11th Grade: Caleb Nunley

Perfect Attendance – 2nd Nine Weeks

Kindergarten: Leah Compton, Kyler Monk, Jack Ray, and Emily Stinson

1st grade: Cheyenne Adkins, Annaston Bush, Isaiah Gardner, and Alexis Musick

2nd grade: Peyton Collins, Jake Compton, Amanda Jessee, and Ellie Ray

3rd grade: Caylee Jessee, Grayson Monk, and Madelyn Musick

4th grade: Burton Casey and Turner Gilmer

5th grade: Krista Nunley

6th grade: Kolby Ray, Rylan Smith, and Bryce Stinson

7th grade: Kady Nunley

9th grade: Emily Holbrook, Melanie Holbrook, and Alexandra Jessee

5th Grade Biome Projects

The 5th grade class recently learned about many different biomes. Each student chose one biome to research and create. They learned unique facts about the plants and animals that live in that biome, as well as the climate and weather patterns that define the biome. They enjoyed learning about all the regions and presenting their information to their class and the 3rd and 4th grade students.

Biomes that Each Student Chose:

Averie – Mountain Biome

Gracie – Saltwater Biome

Krista – Freshwater Biome

Lydia – Tropical Rain Forest Biome

Micah – Deciduous Forest

The Learning Center Announces Winners in the Appalachian Heritage Writing Contest

Students from The Learning Center recently participated in the Appalachian Heritage Writing Contest which was open to adults and 6th – 12th grade students as a part of the 2017 Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium held at Southwest Virginia Community College in June.  Our students competed in essay, short story, and poetry with winners in each category.

Essay: Conner Nunley – 2nd Place; Alexandra Jessee – 3rd Place

Short Story: Caleb Nunley – 1st Place; Ethan Owens – 2nd Place

Poetry: Austin Gardner – 1st Place; Abigail Carter – 3rd Place

Congratulations to all our winners!!

Welcome to the The Learning Center


The Learning Center is an inter-denominational Christian school teaching the truth as revealed in God’s Word.

It is an outreach of Rejoice Ministries located in the Temple Hill section of Castlewood, Virginia.